This week we took up our maps, sandwiches and trowels and headed over to the fabulous Ty Mawr on the other side of the lake to take part in a REAL archaeological dig! As part of our Tudor topic this term we have already had some PRETEND archeological digs to kick start our topic, but Miss Jenkins thought it would be great if we could take part in a real one…


To start this term we came back into class after lunch and found loads of piles of mud on the outside tables! We thought like archaeologists and planned how we were going to investigate what was in them carefully and precisely.

In small groups we looked at pictures of archaeologists working and decided to use a grid. We designed it using our mathematical skills.

We thought about what equipment we would need to carry out our investigation and set up our dig.

We thought carefully about how to record what we found and we decided drawings would be clear, but photographs would make sure we didn’t forget anything, so we decided to do both!

Miss Jenkins and Miss Gore asked us lots of questions about the artifacts we were uncovering to make us think about what they might be, what they were made from, and how old we thought they were. We had lots of excellent questions to make Miss Jenkins think too!

Once we had uncovered all our artifacts we looked carefully at the variety we had and thought about where our ‘dig’ might have appeared from. We started our artifacts into 2 piles, old and new. Miss Jenkins then challenged us to make a timeline of the artifacts, FROM old to new, this was much more tricky. We had to think carefully about the materials and any clues we could find on the artifacts.

Then we swapped tables, Miss Jenkins gave us some clues and we had to resort the timelines from another group, there was a lot of debating about what artifacts should be placed where!

After that we created a list of our artifacts, estimating age and making educated guesses about the artifacts material and use.

We were SO excited to find out that Miss Jenkins had organised a local school trip to Ty Mawr house around the lake. How lucky that there would be a real life archaeological dig going on less than 2 miles from our school, we could even walk there!


These are some things we did on our walk around the lake:

  • Planned our route, and made sure it was safe.
  • Followed our route closely using GPS and maps as we followed a foot path around the lake. Walking was great as we got lots of opportunities to study our local environment, plants, wildlife and what us humans do in our area.
  • Learnt lots of local folk tales about how parts of the lake were formed.
  • Looked closely at changes in plant life around the lake.
  • Careful observations of different habitats.
  • Listened to sounds we could hear at different parts of the walk.
  • Talked about the migration routes of exciting birds and why they might stop at our lake.
  • Discussed what human and natural features we could see.
  • Measured the distance we had travelled and how fast we were walking.
  • Got lots of great exercise, and helped look after the environment.


When we got to Ty Mawr we were busy straight away, we had lots to do!


  • Listen to presentations of the history of Llangorse and development of Ty Mawr.
  • Learnt about the bird hide.
  • Studied REAL Stuart artefacts found at Ty Mawr.
  • Looked closely and learnt lots about old, new and exploratory building techniques, inside the house and out.
  • Got muddy and dug for our own real artefacts, we found loads!
  • Learnt about real archaeological tools
  • Explored the buildings and spotted which ones looked new/old and thought about why.
  • Made our own plaster casts of the original ceiling mouldings, we painted them when we got back to school.
  • We searched for clues in the building of how it had changed, looking for blocked up doorways and windows.
  • Saw some snoozing pipistrelle bats in the cellar.
  • Spotted mountains, buildings and animals we knew.
  • Found information in old census data that told us who had lived there over a REALLY long time!

We had great fun!

Have a look at our pics below….