This term we have been learning about robots. As one of our questions at the start of the topic lots of children wanted to know where most robots came from. Miss Jenkins challenged us to find out…And not just where ANY robots came from,…Where the most exciting, innovative, creative robots came from…Guinness World Record breaking robots!

Once we’d made our own fact file map Miss Jenkins asked if we’d like to find out more about any of the record breaking countries. We took a vote. Most of us thought that Europe is quite close to us and we’d like to find out about somewhere further away, Japan won! We set to work researching the country, finding some very interesting facts and coming up with some brilliant activity ideas!

Once we had come up with LOADS of different ideas for the different subjects we study in school and equipment we would need (Some of us even carried on our research at home!) Miss Jenkins set to organising all our ideas into two fabulous days of exploring Japan! Have a look at what we got up to below…

For RE because we had been looking at celebrations and festivals in different religions we wanted to explore the Japanese children’s festival. We designed our own fish kites using the symbolism of colour to represent our personalities. We took really great care to make them well. Then we went and flew them!

We looked at different sushi recipes and talked about healthy food choices and different types of flavour/taste sensations. Then we designed our own Sushi recipes adapting already existing instructions, then DEVOURED them!

Other activities we did included:

Using chopsticks to move different levels of objects to different pots

Making fans illustrated with Welsh or Japanese images

Learning some judo moves with Sensei

Researching our name in Japanese symbols and what it sounds like then writing it on scrolls in calligraphy with ink

Where will we explore next term?