STEM Fantastic Robots

Today Bob and Chris visited from STEM Learning. STEM are a wide range of  volunteers that work in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths. Bob used to work as an electrician and builds lots of fantastic robots (using a 3D printer, raspberry pi’s and coding) and Chris is an Innovation Specialist and was telling us about how how many ground breaking companies he works for that come from Wales! First of all Bob showed us some health and safety guidelines so we could explore the equipment safely. He taught us about bread boards, tiny switches, and how many LED’s and robots we could find in our houses. Then we got to build our own circuits to make working traffic lights – Just like in the real world!     Our fingers were the perfect size for the wiring!! Next we had a challenge to try and get all the lights working off one switch so we could make lighting strips like the ones in our classroom. We had to think about it very carefully, then figure out which wires we could and should move. Chris was very helpful at giving us clues to help us if we got stuck.

Then we wired up all the sets and made our own version of the classroom lights!

Bob had recently entered a robot competition in Cambridge with his nephew where they had to make robots using raspberry pi’s to complete different tasks like:

Aiming a golf ball, following a line accurately, following a maze, and popping a balloon.

He brought in the robots and showed us how to do some basic instructions (using coding) and let us play with the different robots, even at play time!

The robotic arm picking up a bread board…very precisely…The 1 hole golf course.

The putter and the balloon popper (Can you see the 3D printed structure?)


The robotic arm coding arena.


Thank you so much Bob and Chris, we had loads of fun!

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