Marvelous Minecraft Makers

Over the past couple of weeks we have been learning about the football world cup. We decided to use what we knew about football stadiums to design and build our own football stadiums. We chatted about what stadiums needed to have. Then we were put into groups with a mixture of Minecraft experts and Football experts. We came up with some really incredible designs and chatted LOTS and LOTS about all the different choices we could make and adaptations we had to make to our design. (Making pitch markings by digging holes and filling with marble, or just placing carpet was a big choice!) We learnt a lot about how to keep safe on the internet, and how people aren’t always what they seem!We learnt that we needed to be patient, careful to listen to each others ideas, and respectful of each others design choices.   Compromising was sometimes really hard! We made a tick list to help us remember what we needed to include.

What a stadium needs: Have I got it?  
Commentator’s box
Entry doors
Ticket office
Medical room
Car park
Pitch markings
Changing rooms

After a few afternoons of teamwork, discussion and building we had some incredible stadiums!

We presented a virtual tour on the class interactive whiteboards to the class and explained all our great ideas. Then we used our new skills on the Comic Life app to create information posters about the different parts of our design.

Here are some of the first ones finished:


We hope you enjoy looking at these marvelous posters from the children’s creative Minecraft stadiums.

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