Pendine Trip

Water Worlds

This week we’ve been investigating the different habitats around our school. We started by finding out about the different scales of habitats…From under a rotten log and inside walls to a whole mountain or lake! We’ve got tonnes in our school grounds – especially with the new piles of mud (The house martins are LOVING gathering up easy mud for their nests!) We decided to take advantage of having access to our village stream through the bottom field, and decided we wanted to find out if species would be the same in our school pond and the Nant Cwy. Most of us predicted that the animals in the stream would need to be bigger and stronger in order to cope with the flow of the water. First we started by pond dipping then using reference books and scientific keys to identify the vertebrates and invertebrates that we found. We recorded our results on a tally chart.

Whilst some groups were studying and recording the pond life in our wildlife area the others were practicing their close scientific observation and mm measurement skills by drawing the new spring flowers. We needed to carefully observe the exact shape and number of leaves and petals. It was very tricky!

Pond dipping specimens – Look at how murky the water is! We found a LOT of fresh water hoglice eating the dead leaves.

Next stop was down to the Nant Cwy. This stream flows into Llangorse Lake so we were very hopeful to see some tiddlers (Baby fish)…We weren’t disappointed! Miss Jenkins helped us do a minute ‘kick sample’ – timed in seconds – to capture a wide range of different stream species. Our largest amount of animals found this time were mayfly nymphs. Look out for LOTS of mayflies this year! Ailsa, one of our school helpers, very kindly agreed to help us identify our catches.

A mayfly nymph

Back to the classroom now to look at our findings and work out what it all means…

We’re really hoping we get to go to the beach so we can find out about rockpool animals too!

Size of Wales

Today Nigel from the rainforest charity ‘Size of Wales’ came to visit. He taught us all about the challenges that face rainforests and the animals that live there. We learnt all about the different ways that we can help through ‘People Power!!’

Nigel gave us a ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’ quiz about the rainforest – See if you can guess the answers!  The Size of Wales charity has already raised enough money to save an area of rainforest the size of Wales – now they’re trying to save double the size of Wales, and we want to help! We had some workshops about deforestation and climate change. In the deforestation talk we learnt all about what the land is used for once the rainforest is chopped down (Did you know it is chopped down at a rate of one rugby pitch every minute!? At this rate there won’t be ANY rainforest left in only 40 years!) Some of the biggest problems are cattle farming, palm oil production, and soya plantations.

 We learnt about how we can help – PEOPLE POWER – By being careful to buy British beef and foods with sustainable palm oil in them, we’ll be watching out for these symbols next time we go shopping…

cheaper non uk beef the national beef association has warned

In our climate change workshop we learnt all about how trees use carbon dioxide and create oxygen – we got to pretend to be trees!  We did an experiment to see how solid carbon turns into carbon dioxide gas, some of us were really surprised when the balloon blew up with gas! Now we’re very busy thinking of lots of fundraising ideas to help save the rainforest…Watch this space………

Refugee Away Day

Over the last couple of weeks we have been thinking a lot about refugees. A local charity organises away days for refugees to our area. We wanted to help. See the above link for more details of what was a brilliant day!


Year 4 thought carefully about how our visitors might be feeling and how we could make them feel welcome. They were really good at putting themselves in other peoples shoes. Then they used their DT designing, joining and measuring skills to make some Croeso cards with wales themed levers. They looked fantastic and were really appreciated.

Cross Country

Over the course of the winter cross country season our school has been taking part in lots of different cross country races all around the county. We’ve really enjoyed visiting lots of different schools and inspiring other children to take part and get fit! The competitions rounded off with a last open circuit at Gwernyfed High School, run by the schools Sports Ambassadors. Then we were invited to a final race up at the Royal Welsh Showground in Builth. The children did incredibly well, and great team spirit shown by all!

Overall school champions dab for victory!

Year 6 Team winners


Royal Welsh Show Competition. See if you can find us on the starting line, charging around the bends and sprinting along the final stretch in the main arena!

Special congratulations to Jack Organ who won the Year 6 Boys race and the Year 6 Boys team who won their team race.


Gwernyfed Athletics

The Sports Ambassadors from Gwernyfed High School invited us to an athletics event they hold every year. There was lots of different events to try. We got different scores: gold, silver or bronze depending on our times and distances.

We had LOADS of fun as you can see by how fast we were running!

Windfall Apples

Whilst rooting around in the garden preparing for the winter we noticed that there were LOADS of our apples that had fallen off the trees underneath that we hadn’t noticed, and that were perfectly good to eat. Luckily there were also still some sneaky autumn raspberries growing in the depths of the raspberry canes. Miss Jenkins decided that we could do some inventing. First we brainstormed all our ideas, then diamond ranked them into which we thought would be tastiest.

We used the internet and researched existing recipes, then created our own designs. After that we made a shopping list for Miss Jenkins, including estimated prices from supermarket websites.

Finally we were ready to create our very own creations! We made Apple and Raspberry Pancakes, Mouth Watering Strudel, Team Crumble, and Apple and Raspberry Slush. We were a bit too excited to make our inventions and so forgot to take photos of everything…Oops!

   SO delicious! We cant wait for our raspberries to grow again next year.

Willow Twist

This week the Eco Committee noticed that the grass was dying along the side of the path, because too many feet were walking on it. Our class decided to help the natural environment and the Eco Committee by making a twisty willow fence to protect the grass. We worked very hard!

IMG_0317 IMG_0322 IMG_0320 IMG_0329 IMG_0327

We thought it would look really splendid if we planted some wildlife friendly flowers along the bottom of the fence. Although the birds are already in love with the top (especially the blackbirds and robins!)

Some of our ideas so far are : twisty roses, lavender, daffodils, poppies and honeysuckle.


National Quality Award – First Primary School in Powys!

Llangors School were assessed for the prestigious National Quality Award.  Two assessors came to our school and spent two days looking at detailed audits on the areas of The Environment, Substance Use and Misuse, Hygiene, Mental and Emotional Health and Well-being, Personal development and relationships, Safety, and Food and Fitness.  On the second day they met with the Chair and Vice Chair of Governors, our Police Liaison Officer PC Eckley,the School Nurse,  parents attending the school’s local playgroup and past Junior Healthy Schools Officers.The Junior Healthy Schools Team, School Council, Road Safety and Eco-Committee gave impressive presentations and tours of the school.  The assessors enjoyed a healthy lunch with staff and pupils during their visits. We were thrilled when we found out that we had succeed in attaining this national award and are the first primary school in Powys to do so.  The assessors said they were highly impressed with all aspects of school life and links with parents and the wider community.

Here are a selection of pictures taken by pupils during the visit.

HS-NQA_assessment_001 HS-NQA_assessment_002 HS-NQA_assessment_003 HS-NQA_assessment_004 HS-NQA_assessment_005 HS-NQA_assessment_006 HS-NQA_assessment_007 (1) HS-NQA_assessment_007 HS-NQA_assessment_008 (1) HS-NQA_assessment_008 HS-NQA_assessment_009 HS-NQA_assessment_010 HS-NQA_assessment_011 HS-NQA_assessment_013 HS-NQA_assessment_014 HS-NQA_assessment_015 HS-NQA_assessment_016 HS-NQA_assessment_017 HS-NQA_assessment_019 HS-NQA_assessment_020 HS-NQA_assessment_022 HS-NQA_assessment_023 HS-NQA_assessment_024 HS-NQA_assessment_027 HS-NQA_assessment_029 HS-NQA_assessment_030 HS-NQA_assessment_031 HS-NQA_assessment-Yr_7