World Cup

For a few weeks our class had a topic of the World Cup. We learnt lots about where different countries are, design, ICT and teamwork.  First of all we looked at creating our own imaginary welsh football team. We started with football managers, there were lots of great discussions about what an effective football manager would look like. In the end we decided it wouldn’t matter, as long as they were really good at understanding football, although they would probably need to wear really smart clothes sometimes.



Next we decided to design our own football kit for our imaginary Wales World Cup team; we had to think about flag colours, symbols of wales and pattern in our designs.

After that we worked in pairs and small groups to look in detail at existing football chants and adapted our own nursery rhymes and popular songs into our own football chants about the recent matches of the world cup. We completed them by making up some actions and then taught them to the class. Some were so catchy Miss Jenkins was still singing them the next morning!


In science we have been looking at planets, where we are in our solar system and how we move around the sun. Once we had done a maths investigation into the movement of our shadows on a sunny day we found out that our shadows moved around us. Miss Jenkins told us that’s how people used to tell the time before humans invented the sort of clocks we use today (Certainly a LONG time before mobile phones and tablets told us the time!) We asked if we could make sundials, and Miss Jenkins said YES!

First we researched how sundials were built and what we needed to include. We looked at existing designs to give us some inspiration and then decided to draw out our own designs first so we knew what we would be building. Lots of the existing designs used things from the garden, so we tried to include outside objects or creatures somewhere in our designs. Once we were happy with how to create our sundials we started. It took us a long time – and then we had to wait for a sunny day in order to put the numbers on accurately , making sure the sundial was facing the right direction using compasses.  We’re sure you’ll agree that the final products are pretty amazing though!

The Official Opening of the new Llangors Primary School – 11.05.2018