Pendine Trip

Cross Country

Over the course of the winter cross country season our school has been taking part in lots of different cross country races all around the county. We’ve really enjoyed visiting lots of different schools and inspiring other children to take part and get fit! The competitions rounded off with a last open circuit at Gwernyfed High School, run by the schools Sports Ambassadors. Then we were invited to a final race up at the Royal Welsh Showground in Builth. The children did incredibly well, and great team spirit shown by all!

Overall school champions dab for victory!

Year 6 Team winners


Royal Welsh Show Competition. See if you can find us on the starting line, charging around the bends and sprinting along the final stretch in the main arena!

Special congratulations to Jack Organ who won the Year 6 Boys race and the Year 6 Boys team who won their team race.


Robin Hood Pantomime


We all REALLY enjoyed watching the Robin Hood Pantomime when they came to visit.


Here are some of out craft entries.



IMG_0460 IMG_0462



Natural Art


IMG_0464 IMG_0465

Paint a Pebble Family


IMG_0467 IMG_0468


Christmas Concert

This  year we performed Dreaming of Oz

It was a very colourful performance


Can you recognize the cast?


P1030997 P1040004

P1040011  P1040009

P1040009 P1040006

IMG_0996 IMG_0994 IMG_0999


Country Presentation

We researched and gave a presentation about different countries.



We used pictures, maps and PowerPoint presentations.


IMG_0990   For some presentations we even had to try the food. Yum yum!

Science Experiments

P1030858 We measured out lung capacities



We had a Techniquest kit which had lots of activities for us to try.

IMG_0835   IMG_0829


Then we had a workshop session

IMG_0871   IMG_0887  IMG_0876

Bridge Building

We talked about strong structures


We then had to build a strong bridge

IMG_0908 IMG_0918

Here are some we made

IMG_0930 IMG_0951 IMG_0960 IMG_0965

The results (the star means they could have held more)


1940 Experience

We have been looking at life in the 1940s.

                                                                      We were dressed and ready for the evacuation




We had our Ration Books and Gas Masks

We lied up ready to be taken into the hall



While we were at the Museum we did various activities.



We took part in drama activities


IMG_0815   IMG_0812 IMG_0813

We used our ration books in the shop

P1030957    P1030939   P1030902

We did various activities in the home corner.

P1030920  P1030910   IMG_0805


And we manned the Air Raid Warden’s Station

IMG_0812 IMG_0821 P1030897

There were many casualties!

We then went and did a quiz around the museum


In all a good day was had by all and we finally returned to the present day.







Cycling Proficency


Once we had our helmets on we were ready to ride.


We were on the roads learning to cycle safely


IMG_0749         IMG_0734        IMG_0745