Eco Committee

“Making the school a more sustainable place”

Windfall Apples

Whilst rooting around in the garden preparing for the winter we noticed that there were LOADS of our apples that had fallen off the trees underneath that we hadn’t noticed, and that were perfectly good to eat. Luckily there were also still some sneaky autumn raspberries growing in the depths of the raspberry canes. Miss Jenkins decided that we could do some inventing. First we brainstormed all our ideas, then diamond ranked them into which we thought would be tastiest.

We used the internet and researched existing recipes, then created our own designs. After that we made a shopping list for Miss Jenkins, including estimated prices from supermarket websites.

Finally we were ready to create our very own creations! We made Apple and Raspberry Pancakes, Mouth Watering Strudel, Team Crumble, and Apple and Raspberry Slush. We were a bit too excited to make our inventions and so forgot to take photos of everything…Oops!

   SO delicious! We cant wait for our raspberries to grow again next year.

School Olympics 2016

The School Sports Ambassadors and the Healthy Schools Team worked incredibly hard together to organise a fun School Olympic Day.  The children set up a long, physically challenging and fun obstacle course for all the children.  The Year 6 supported all of the younger pupils, leading them through the course and cheering them on.  An excellent team effort.  The school raised enough money to buy two new netball posts.

IMG_0873[1] IMG_0879[1]  IMG_0866[1] IMG_0894[1] IMG_0860[1] IMG_0854[1] IMG_0850[1] IMG_0845[1] IMG_0842[1] IMG_0869[1]

Willow Twist

This week the Eco Committee noticed that the grass was dying along the side of the path, because too many feet were walking on it. Our class decided to help the natural environment and the Eco Committee by making a twisty willow fence to protect the grass. We worked very hard!

IMG_0317 IMG_0322 IMG_0320 IMG_0329 IMG_0327

We thought it would look really splendid if we planted some wildlife friendly flowers along the bottom of the fence. Although the birds are already in love with the top (especially the blackbirds and robins!)

Some of our ideas so far are : twisty roses, lavender, daffodils, poppies and honeysuckle.