School Council

School Council  Minutes  Thursday 16th October

Present: Martha, Teegan, Flo, Molly, Daisy, Bethan, Ieuan(Eco Committee), Will (Road Safety), Jac (healthy Schools), Mr J Phillips (Governor.), Mrs Griffiths (Teacher)

Positions were voted as follows

Chair Person – Bethan

Secretary- Will

Treasurer- Daisy

Matters arising

Will brought up how dangerous it was by the turning to the lake – if was decided that Will should write to PCC and ask them to ensure the mirror and the school sign are clearly visible.

Water wastage was discussed and it was decided to as the water bottle fillers to only fill ¾ full unless it was a really hot day.

One suggestion was to make the playground more colourful – it was pointed out that this was in hand and parents are coming to brighten up the school – the helpers day was last Saturday and more are planned

The school sign needed cleaning up – it was decided that the School Council should  have a walk around the school next Friday looking at the fabric of the school and to make a list of things that need doing


A letter from Children in Need was read. It was decided that we should support this and different ideas for fund raising were discussed.

Dressing up for Pudsey meant that children could wear what they want.

2 boxes of bands should be ordered – one plain £1 and one with the bear on £!.50. School Council to sell them.

Money pictures and decorating cakes were also discussed. It was resolved to go and think of different ideas and to discuss again next week

Next meeting – Friday 7th November 2.45 to walk around the school.

The chair person thanked all who attended and closed the meeting ay 1.15