Yesterday we went on a trip to Pendine! We had already done lots of research into the village by studying maps and looking at postcards of where we were going to go. We had discovered from the map symbols that there were lots of geographical and human features to look out for – Wind turbines, hotels, caravan parks, a museum, cliffs, headlands, bays, caves and even a fort! We looked out for these from the bus as we drove into Pendine.


    We started off our visit by following maps and using information we found to help us identify what houses were made out of and how old they were. This was tricky as we had to keep re-locating ourselves on the maps, and working out what directions we were travelling in. Some of our images looked slightly different to the buildings we located on the maps, but we soon worked out that it was all to do with developments to the houses. We luckily had an architect and an estate agent as our helpers; who were able to fill us in with their expert knowledge.

      We caught the bus down to the lower part of the village, then followed our route map around the caravan park. Year 6 found lots of people to fill in questionnaires that we had made the day before in order to find out about people in Pendine. We learnt lots about how we could tell that it was warm and wet in Pendine (the plants all grew really big and strong – We even found an outdoor fig tree!) Year 4 found lots of plants that were the same or similar to ones that grow in our school too! A close eye was kept on the turnings we needed to make, and which directions we were heading in/from; we kept our eyes peeled for all the human features and amenities we could spot.

        Then it was straight down to the beach after lunch and into the rock pools where we learnt lots about the tidal habitat and the creatures that live there. We found lots of different vertebrates and invertebrates and identified them using books, pictures and keys. We were again really lucky to have a conservation and ecology expert on hand to help us with any more tricky identifications. Then the sea started coming in so it was straight up the cliff path to the fort at the top, it had great views, we could see for miles. The perfect place for a fort!

        Once we were back down on the beach we used the oncoming tide to help us do some Andy Goldsworthy art. We had already looked at his sculptures in class and decided it would be really fun to make our own patterned beach sculptures and watch them be destroyed by the sea! Don’t they look fabulous?!

        Just before we left to head home we went to the shop and used all our mental adding skills to buy as MUCH as we could for our £5, although sadly the teachers were so busy looking after us they forgot to take any pictures of our great money skills.

        Then it was all back on the bus ready to head home as the sea mist rolled in over the cliffs.

        What a brilliant day.