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Our Responsibilities

  • ⦁ To meet weekly to discuss Cymraeg Campus targets.
    ⦁ Deliver whole-school assemblies.
    ⦁ To promote the Welsh language around school.
    ⦁ To ensure that all classes are using Welsh.
    ⦁ To lead Welsh playground games.
    ⦁ To decide on phrase of the week.
    ⦁ To organise Welsh competitions and fun events for St David’s Day and Welsh Week.

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Cymraeg Campus

Beth ydi hwn? / What is this?

The Welsh Government aims to have a million Welsh speakers by 2050. This is a long-term aim, and the education system has a key role to play in achieving it. In order to achieve the aim, changes will be needed to the curriculum to ensure that all learners in Wales are able to develop their Welsh language skills for social and work use in the future.
One of the key aims within the 2050 Welsh strategy is to embed positive language use practices supported by formal and informal opportunities to use Welsh socially.

What is our objective?

The objective of the Language Charter is to provide a clear framework, which can be used to promote a strong Welsh ethos in our school and to provide a range of enriching activities that propel the children to enjoy learning Welsh.
The Language Charter exhorts participation from every member of the school community and members of the school workforce and council, the pupils and their parents, school governors and the wider community are all encouraged to take full ownership of it. The Criw Cymreag are instrumental in leading and driving the Language Charter forward.

Where are we up to?

We have already been successful in achieving our ‘Bronze Award’. We all worked really hard and feel very proud of our achievements with developing our school’s use of the Welsh language. Now, we are busy working towards the Silver Award.


Find out more about Cymraeg Campus from the parents’ leaflet.

Here are some useful websites, apps and Welsh phrases to help with your child’s Welsh skills. Whether you’re a fluent Welsh speaker or not, you are also key in helping develop your child’s Welsh skills.

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Our Contributions to Cymraeg Campus Gwobr Arian
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