Teaching & the Curriculum

Organisation of classes:

The school is organised into classes according to age. There are at present 8 teachers for 6 school years (from 4-11 years old inclusive). There are 3 Foundation Phase classes and the teachers of these classes are assisted by full time assistants (NTA Level 3). Learning support assistants also provide support in KS2 classes.
The acting headteacher is a full-time class teacher.

Classes in 2020/2021
Class 1Foundation Phase (Reception)Miss Megan Jenkins
Miss Bethan Price
Mrs Sharon Harbour
Class 2Foundation Phase / Year 1Mrs Sharon Quine
Mrs Charlotte Belcher
Class 3Foundation Phase / Year 2Mrs Claire Henry-Davies
Mrs Rebecca Tarquillio
Class 4Key Stage 2 Year 3 / 4Mr Gordon Godfrey
Ms Anna Barber
Class 5Key Stage 2 Year 4 / 5Mr Tom Williams
Mrs Pam McIntoh
Class 6Key Stage 2 Year 6Mr Mark Williams
Mrs Liz Griffiths
Mes Bach Pre School Miss Cath Gore
Miss Hayley Lloyd
Miss Chloe Perrott
Miss Holly Dunning

Transfer from one class to the next is flexible and depends on the relative sizes of the year groups. In general we seek to achieve:

  • No more than two year groups per class
  • No class to mix children from Foundation Phase and Key Stage 2

Teaching Methods

We vary our approach to meet the needs of the class as a whole and the individual needs of the children. We combine whole class work with work in smaller groups, in pairs and as individuals. The important objective is that the learning is stimulating and that children develop knowledge, skills and experience. The needs of the less able are met with differentiated tasks to suit their varying abilities, while we allow the more able to surge ahead and meet their targets. The effort and achievements of both groups and of those of average abilities are given equal recognition.

At various times throughout the year the children share the outcome of their work with the rest of the school through class assemblies, displays, drama etc.

Equal Opportunities

We aim to provide education to help develop the full potential of all children irrespective of:

  • Gender
  • Intellectual or physical capacity
  • Ethnic or natural origin
  • Social or religious background

As a school we are committed to the fundamental principles of equality of   access and opportunity, unbiased treatment and equal value of all pupils.  The Equal Opportunities Policy can be viewed at the school by arrangement.

The Curriculum

The curriculum for children in the Foundation Phase (Nursery/ Reception) is delivered through the seven key areas of learning:

  • Mathematical Development
  • Communication Language and Literacy skills
  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World
  • Personal Social and Emotional Development, Well-Being and Cultural Diversity
  • Welsh Development
  • Creative Development
  • Physical Development

In Key Stage 2 the contents of the curriculum is laid down by the National Curriculum, which was introduced by the Education Reform Act of 1998 and has since been developed and revised. The curriculum is divided into Core and Foundation subjects.

Whole school policies and schemes of work are in place for all areas of Foundation Phase and all subjects in Key Stage 2.

The new Literacy and Numeracy framework is embedded across the curriculum.

The National Curriculum areas
MathematicsArtInformation Technology
ScienceWelshDesign & Technology
MusicPhysical Education (PE)Religious Education

Religious Education is taught according to the Powys Agreed Syllabus.

Basic Skills

The teaching of Literacy, Numeracy and ICT across the curriculum is the responsibility of all staff and is highlighted in all planning documents.