Smoke Free Policy


  • Second hand smoking, breathing in other people’s tobacco smoke, has been shown to cause cancers, heart and respiratory disease in non-smokers. It has a negative effect on those people who suffer from conditions such as asthma.  There is considerable evidence regarding the impact of smoking behaviours on children.
  • As smoking is the single most preventable cause of premature death and ill health in our society, as a school we believe it is our responsibility to promote a smoke free policy and to give everyone the right to breathe clean air and to avoid the dangers of second hand smoke.  Children need to receive consistent messages and require non-smoking role models if they are to recognise smoke free as the norm.
  • Llangors Church in Wales School aims to provide a safe working and learning environment for both pupils and staff and to this end the whole school supports a smoke free policy which reinforces the messages within the PSHCE/Citizenship curriculum and the health initiatives in the wider community.

Policy Links

This policy has obvious links with the Health and Safety Policy, the PSHE/Citizenship Policy, the Healthy Schools Policy and the Substance Misuse Policy.

Aims of the policy

The policy seeks to:

  • Provide a smoke free environment both within the school building and grounds that protects the health of the whole school community and visitors to the school.
  • To promote a healthy lifestyle and enable pupils to make responsible healthy choices in relation to smoking.  This is reflected within the school’s PSE and science curriculum and by providing excellent role models for all children and adults within the school.
  • Equip children with the social skills that enable them to resist the pressure to smoke, either from their peer group, or from society in general.
  • To set the example of a health promoting smoke-free environment to the whole school and wider community in line with government guidance and local priorities to reduce the prevalence of smoking and the associated risks.
  • Guarantee the right of non-smokers to breath in air that is free from tobacco smoke.
  • Comply with Health and Safety Legislation and Employment Law.
  • Raise awareness of the dangers associated with exposure to tobacco smoke.
  • Take into account the needs of those who smoke and to support those who wish to stop.
  • Comply with Health & Safety Legislation and Employment Law


  • The dangers of smoking are addressed in KS2 in our programme of personal, social and health education (PSHCE), with advice and support from the Health Authority.
  • As well as teaching the children about the effects that smoking has on the body, we engage them in discussions about the reasons why people start to smoke, and what they themselves should do if other people encourage them to try cigarettes.
  • Class teachers lead all such discussions in a sensitive manner. They encourage the children to explore the views of other people, and to reflect on their own personal convictions with regard to smoking.  They explain that it is illegal for cigarettes to be sold to people under sixteen years of age, but our aim is for children to refrain from smoking not only for that reason, but also because they believe that smoking is a wrong lifestyle choice.
  • The dangers of smoking sometimes arise as an issue in science lessons at Key Stage 2, when children learn about the way substances affect the whole body.
  • When such an issue arises, class teachers deal with it in context, and answer the children’s questions to the best of their ability, taking care to explain that smoking is dangerous, and should be avoided.

The Smoke-Free Environment

The following statements apply to all staff, pupils and visitors to the school e.g. parents, visiting suppliers, temporary staff, contractors and governors.

  • Smoking, including e-cigarettes is not permitted in any part of the school site at any time.  This includes all school buildings and the outside areas of the school including the playground, sports field or car parks.
  • Smoking including e-cigarettes by anyone on a school visit or trip is not permitted.
  • Smoking including e-cigarettes at the entrances and exits to the school site will be strongly discouraged.
  • A smoke free statement is included in the school’s prospectus.
  • The relevant signage is displayed around school.
  • Smoking including e-cigarettes is not permitted in the school minibus or any vehicles being used on school business when pupils or staff are passengers.

Staff members are expected to inform visitors of the smoke free policy. However, they are not expected to enter into any confrontation which may put their personal safety at risk.

Support for smokers

For those who smoke, information about NHS Stop Smoking Services and local support are available.

Disciplinary action

  • The day to day implementation of this policy is the responsibility of the whole school community and everybody has a duty to respond to breaches of the policy.  Any persons who smoke on the premises will be asked to extinguish the offending item and/or leave the premises.
  • If any members of staff wish to smoke, they must leave the school site. Staff or students who breach the smoke free policy will be advised that this could result in disciplinary action. This includes the use of e-cigarettes.
  • Breaches of this policy by pupils will result in the involvement of their parents.

Monitoring and reviewing

The policy will be reviewed in line with the school review cycle to ensure that it continues to meet the aims.