Toilet Policy

This policy adheres to the guidance by Welsh Government, School Toilets: Good Practice Guidance for schools in Wales and Teach Germs a Lesson


  • To maximise access to pupils toilet facilities during the day to promote health, well-being and learning opportunities of all pupils
  • To provide good quality toilet facilities throughout the school
  • To promote thorough hand washing as it is the most effective way of stopping germs from getting into our bodies and causing infection

Rationale: Why we are writing this policy

  • The school recognises that well maintained toilet facilities where pupils feel comfortable and safe and have open access to throughout the school day, are essential for health, well-being and learning
  • We value and respect our pupils and want them to be able to benefit from good provision and practice

Objectives: What do we want to achieve?

  • To ensure that this policy is both accepted and upheld by the whole school community – school management, staff, pupils, governors, parents, site   manager, cleaning and ancillary staff
  • To keep all toilets open and available to pupils throughout the school day. While pupils can use toilet facilities at break and lunchtimes if they need to, we ensure pupils have access at all times.  We recognise that toilet needs are highly individual and do not conform to regimental time-tables.
  • To ensure that the toilet and washroom facilities are suitable for the range of anticipated users, including pupils with disabilities and special needs, with adequate lighting, fixtures and fittings.
  • To ensure the toilet and washroom facilities cater for the needs of all pupils from ethnic and religious communities, and ensure these needs are met in a sensitive, informed and appropriate manner
  • To ensure that the toilet facilities provide visual and aural privacy for users, ensuring a spare supply of cubicle door locks
  • To ensure that all toilet areas have properly maintained supplies at all times of warm and cold water, soap, hand drying facilities and toilet tissue in dispensers, provided at a convenient height
  • To ensure sanitary disposal units in female cubicles (for girls aged eight and over), serviced on a regular basis.
  • To implement and maintain an effective toilet cleaning, supervision and inspection regime to ensure proper standards of provision and cleanliness, throughout the school day
  • To locate drinking water supplies and outlets in safe and appropriate locations, and not in toilet areas
  • To supervise the toilets at break and lunchtimes.
  • To actively seek the views of the whole school community in relation to any concerns about toilet provision and access issues (ensuring a child friendly procedure for the pupils to report deficiencies or problems) and to respond seriously to these and deal promptly with any problems highlighted by the pupils
  • To actively consult and involve the pupils in managing the toilets (via the School Council or establish a working group)
  • To encourage pupils to respect the toilets and each other (via the School Council, in PSE lessons) and for pupils to establish a Pupil Code of Conduct in toilets and washrooms


  • This policy document was produced in consultation with pupils, parents, school staff, governors and the school nurse
  • The school actively supports the provision of open access to well maintained, clean, private and safe toilet facilities throughout the school day