School Meals

Dinners are cooked in the school and are provided by Powys Catering. There is a choice of menu. Children can choose from:

  • A hot meal with pudding.
  • A “Healthy Eating Tuck Box”.
  • A jacket potato with choice of filling.
  • A ham or cheese salad

Fruit juice, milk and water are available. Children may bring their own lunch boxes with sandwiches etc. from home. To promote healthy eating we discourage chocolate and fizzy drinks and our Healthy Schools Officers provide stickers for children with a healthy lunch box.

Lunch Box Safety

Packing a lunch that will be safe when your child eats is just as important as packing healthy foods. Young children are at high risk for foodborne illnesses. Please make sure that food is packaged safely within the lunchbox and be aware that your child’s lunchbox will be stored at room temperature as we have no facilities to store them in a refrigerator. If you have any concerns please contact the school.

Free School Milk

This is provided for all children up to the age of 7.
We follow the guidance set out in ‘Appetite for Life’ ( a government initiative) and only offer milk (Class 1,2,3 only) , water and fruit during snack time.


A copy of the current menu can be found on Powys County Council’s website.

View or download the menu »

Free School Meals

A free school meal application form is available upon request or alternatively you can contact the Customer Services Team:

Call: 0845 6027032 / 01597 826462

For more information, go to the
Powys County Council website