Mrs L Jones

Mrs L Jones


The Aims of our School

We endeavour to create a secure and stimulating environment and to:

  • Support the individual needs of pupils
  • Extend special gifts and interests
  • Give every child a chance to sample a great variety of activities
  • Give every child confidence and a sense of achievement
  • Make learning as enjoyable as possible
    • By praise
    • By making the work relevant
    • By making the work stimulating
    • By seizing on topical interests
  • Expect a high standard of presentation
  • Give each child experience both of working individually and of co-operating in groups of different sizes
  • Prepare each child for the next stage of education
  • Give each child a sense of responsibility to and for others
  • Encourage and expect all children to be decent, honest, friendly, reliable and caring

Our Mission

“To be a learning community for the children who will build the communities of the future”

Our aim at Llangors Church in Wales School is to promote children’s health and well-being and provide them with a secure and stimulating environment in which they will be valued as individuals and challenged to achieve their full potential.

We aim to provide a happy, caring school where children are enthusiastic and well-motivated. We aim to build their self esteem so that they can contribute to the life of the school and learn to become responsible citizens.

We will provide a broad and balanced curriculum, relevant to the needs of our children and the ever changing world, helping them develop into valued members of our local community and of the global community beyond.

We will promote strong links between school, home, parish and local community and ensure our school is regarded by all with ownership and pride.

As a Church in Wales School we will promote a moral code sensitive to the needs of others and based on Christian tradition and teaching.

We hope that the children of Llangors School will grow into caring citizens, able to take their place in society and achieve their dreams and visions.