Year 3 2015 / 16

Joeseph Coelho Poetry

When Year 4 went to Hay Festival, they heard a BRILLIANT poet called Joeseph Coelho. He asked them if they would have a go at writing their own versions of his poems. He was SO inspiring we had loads of great ideas, and wanted to write some poems for our website (More will be added as the week progresses):

All Pig Wants – By F

Frosty breezes whistling non stop,

All Pig wants is peace.

Days light, days darken,

All Pig wants is to sleep.

All these days, all these weeks,

All these months, and all these years,

Pig wants to sit and drink out of his trough.

Run Little Foxy – By I

Your tail is brushy,

Your nose is black,

So run little foxy, run!

Your ears are so fluffy,

Your teeth are sharp as nails,

So run little foxy, run!

Your feet are as black as dark,

Your body is so like cotton,

So run little foxy, run!

So now you know,

When you see a fox,



Mouse, Mouse – By F

I have a pet mouse,

With cute sparkly blue eyes.

It has a tail as soft as a cat,

It’s nose is a chocolate chip.

It’s teeth are as white as elderflower blossom,

It’s claws are as small as a peg doll’s hand.

But one day it SCRATCHED ME!!!

I have a pet mouse,

With petrifying dark blue eyes.

It’s tail is as scaly as a crocodile,

It’s nose is a lump of mud.

It’s teeth are as white as a ghost,

It’s claws are a small as a bees stinger.

Rabbit, Rabbit – By I

I have a very cute rabbit,

She has pointy ears.

She has legs as fast as cars,

She has cute little eyes like a teddy bear.

She has soft fur.

But, she weed on me!

I have a very revolting, rude rabbit,

She made me itch really bad.

She has pointy ears like swords,

She has legs like a fox.

She has scary eyes like something from a horror movie,

She is as skinny as a  spider.

Dog, Dog – By M

His eyes are as blue as the Mediterranean sea,

His fur is as golden as the sun, and as soft as silk.

He is a cute toy.

His tail glitters in the sunlight,

His nose is chocolate.

Then he BIT me!!


His eyes are as dark as pitch,

His fur is as rough as rocks and as brown as mud.

His tail is as stinky as wee,

His nose is black as coal.

He is a monster.

Turtle, Turtle – By E

There’s a cute little turtle in my house.

It is SO cute,

With it’s bulging eyes, and eggy, weggy shaped body.

Oh cutie, wootie, smootie!

Look at it’s little claws on its tiny feet.



He made a smell….

There’s a terrifying, huge turtle in my house.

It’s huge, with laser eyes, and it’s boulder hard body.

Laser explosion stinging,

Look at it’s colossal claws on it’s ferocious feet!

The Hedgehog – By M

A hedgehog is a thorn bush,


He scampers across the path and starts to snuffle,

Eager for food with tears in his eyes,

With tears in his gloomy eyes.

Hungry, hairy, hibernator,

Happy and snuggling down in his leaf bed.

He was as tired as a sleeping butterfly.

Food – By Everyone!

A little bit of eggs,

With some mustard.

I like to mix it with some custard…

Eggs, mustard!

Eggs, mustard!

Eggs, mustard!

A little bit of soggy beans,

With some rotten cheese.

I like to eat it with my sister’s knees….

Beans, cheese!

Beans, cheese!

Beans, cheese!

A little bit of ketchup,

With some lamb.

I like to share it with a ram,

Ketchup, lamb!

Ketchup, lamb!

Ketchup, lamb!

A little bit of apple,

With some jelly.

I like to share it with Katy Perry,

Apple, jelly!

Apple, jelly!

Apple, jelly!

A little bit of blue cheese,

With some jelly.

I like to eat it in a welly.

Blue cheese, jelly!

Blue cheese, jelly!

Blue cheese, jelly!

A little bit of ice cream,

A little bit of honey.

I like to eat it with my mummy.

Ice cream, honey!

Ice cream, honey!

Ice cream, honey!

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Refugee Away Day

Over the last couple of weeks we have been thinking a lot about refugees. A local charity organises away days for refugees to our area. We wanted to help. See the above link for more details of what was a brilliant day!

Year 4 thought carefully about how our visitors might be feeling and how we could make them feel welcome. They were really good at putting themselves in other peoples shoes. Then they used their DT designing, joining and measuring skills to make some Croeso cards with wales themed levers. They looked fantastic and were really appreciated.

Year 3 Schoops